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Movenpick - Ground Roasted Coffee Espresso - 250gm

Movenpick - Ground Roasted Coffee Espresso  - 250gm

The spirited coffee from Mövenpick for the perfect espresso – with an incomparably full taste, a harmonious, well-rounded intensity and a concentration of invigorating aromas. Full-bodied and seductive – an intense taste experience for both small and large cups. Enjoy the well-balanced blend of the finest Arabica with a hint of full-bodied Robusta.

Mövenpick Espresso is available as whole beans.

The more finely ground the coffee, the more intensive its flavour. For the perfect cup of Mövenpick Espresso, we recommend a fine grind and a flow time of 12 to 14 seconds. It is important that you serve your short espresso coffee in a pre-warmed cup.

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