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OWL - White coffee tarik 3 in 1 - Hazelnut - 15 Sachets

OWL - White coffee tarik 3 in 1 - Hazelnut - 15 Sachets

  • About OWL White Coffee Tarik 3 in 1 Hazelnut

    Made with the finest of Sumatran Mandheling Arabica

    • 100% Freeze-Dried for your enjoyment
    • Pleasantly earthy in taste
    • Deliciously nutty in aroma

    OWL freeze-dried coffee is the result of a proprietary technology that preserves much aroma and flavour of premium beans; you can tell you’re getting a fuller and richer brew with just one taste.

    Special Recipes White Coffee Tarik 3 in 1 Hazelnut


    Home to an exotic coffee culture, the Southeast Asian straits have long been a fertile ground of ideas whereby OWL derives its Special Recipes range.

    Often regarded as one of the world’s best coffees, Mandheling is a prized Arabica variety that grows on the wind-brushed highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia. And, as aficionados would attest, the allure of Mandheling Arabica stems from its earthy-sweet taste, full body and distinctive nutty aroma.

    Inspired by the unique qualities of this Southeast Asian treasure, OWL is pleased to bring you its version of White Coffee Tarik—created using 100% freeze-dried Mandheling Arabica coffee.

    OWL White Coffee Tarik Hazelnut 3 in 1

    This brew brings to you the fuller flavour of hand-pulled coffee, wrapped in the rich, creamy texture of White Coffee. Infused with the sweet aroma of hazelnut, it’s the perfect accompaniment to local breads and pratas, at all times of the day.

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