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Yatooq - Arabic Coffee - Ginger - 250gm

Yatooq - Arabic Coffee - Ginger - 250gm

Arabic coffee is the most popular coffee drink in Saudi and the Arabian Gulf region (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain). Arabic coffee is not your usual black coffee as it made of slowly roasted blond coffee beans and a bunch of spices that are slowly brewed. Arabic coffee is served in every social function, from simple friends gathering all the way to large weddings. Its entwined in the culture, has its own serving etiquette, and some people even dedicate their careers as coffee caterers and servers.

Yatooq Arabic coffee blends enables anyone to brew good tasting, consistent Arabic coffee anywhere, anytime. We use high barrier coffee packaging to maintain the coffee quality for a long time. Step-by-Step instructions on the packing helps you make Arabic coffee easily.


Yatooq's Ginger Aroma Blend is made of blond Arabic coffee with cardamom, saffron and spices. It is infused with ginger.

More Information:

    Weight 250 gm.
    6 Dallas or 150 Fenjans.

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