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Brand: Cafe Quindio Model: CQN001
Cafe Quindio - Organuico Coffee Capsule - 10pcsFine organic coffee with sweet and fruity notes . Grown by communities and families the produce certified organic Arabica coffee , on plantation where chemicals  and pesticides are replaced by organic fertilizers that return vital nutrients..
2.750KD 3.000KD
Brand: BARISTA Espresso Model: BST004
Barista - Espresso Coffee Capsules - CardamomThis traditional coffee is flavoured with cardamom seeds, to enhance the blend and impart a delicious and distinct aroma and flavour20 Capsules..
2.750KD 3.000KD
Barista - Espresso Coffee Capsules - Intenso
Out Of Stock
Brand: BARISTA Espresso Model: BST002
Barista - Espresso Coffee Capsules - IntensoDeliciously compelling, this complex, full-bodied blend generates a dark and intense flavour with a smooth, lingering finish20 Capsules..
2.750KD 3.000KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM008
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso Adagio This fresh tasting coffee blend of light roasted Arabica beans presents a relaxing coffee moment, thanks to its balanced, soft and delicate aroma. Our Espresso Adagio coffee beans originate from Central and South America. ( intensity 4 ) contains 1..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM001
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso AllegroThe Allegro is a special blend of Arabica and Indian Robusta beans that have been mildly roasted. This process gives it a very unique flavour composed of sweet, fruity and full, strong notes. Its taste reveals colourful, spicy accents and touches of p..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM002
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso IntensoThe Intenso is an especially powerful scion of the Belmio family. This South American Arabica pearl undergoes a very intense roasting process, as a result of which the “Strictly High Ground” beans receive an extremely robust taste and a low level of a..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM009
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso Origio Origio blends together the best coffee beans to craft a well-rounded and characterful flavor. Thanks to its unique roasting process, Origio creates a full-bodied blend with just those nuances a great coffee needs. Our coffee is much loved and is perf..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM010
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso Risoluto The darker roasting of the Risoluto together with a special dedicated selection of a Robusta and the finest Arabica, procure strong and full elements to this blend where spicy accents and a hint of caramel can be recognized. ( intensity 9 ) cont..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM004
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso RisolutoThe Risoluto is Belmio´s strongest coffee. The dark roasting of the best selection of Robusta and Arabica beans adds strong and full elements to the coffee taste, in which spicy accents and a touch of caramel can be discerned. ( intensity 9)..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM005
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Espresso UndiciThe Undici Espresso gets its powerful, intense flavour from pure Arabica beans from East Africa and Asia. This darkly roasted coffee with a pronounced aroma and subtle bitterness will seduce you with its fruity flavor.( intensity 11)..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM006
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Lungo Delicato This rich coffee with sweet accents of berry fruit will take your palate on a delicious journey. This lightly roasted blend of Arabica varieties from Central and Latin America as well as East Africa offers a mild and subtle aroma. ( intensity 5 )..
2.000KD 2.250KD
Brand: Belmio Model: BLM003
Belmio - Coffee Capsules - Lungo LargoThis delicious full-bodied coffee was composed from the best 100% Arabica beans of South and Central American origin. Its somewhat lighter degree of roasting ensures a subtle and fresh bouquet. Its rich flavour overflows with mellow, sweet and fruity accen..
2.000KD 2.250KD
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