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Brand: NOVELL Model: NVL001
Novell - coffee capsules - Cremosof you’re looking for an alternative to Nespresso branded coffee, our Cremoso Nespresso-compatible pods offer sensational taste at the touch of a button. Every cup of Cremoso combines beautiful textures of toasted bread and chamomile, perfectly complementing it..
1.500KD 1.750KD
Brand: NOVELL Model: NVL002
Novell - coffee capsules - DecaffeinatoIf you’re looking for great-tasting coffee without the caffeine, look no further than our delicious decaf coffee pods. Made using 100% Arabica beans and the result of a natural CO2 process, this blend results in a scrumptious, slightly acidic and balanced..
1.500KD 1.750KD
Brand: NOVELL Model: NVL003
Novell - coffee capsules - Intensothe Intenso flavour is one of our most popular Nespresso-compatible pods - a harmonious mixture of Brazilian & Central American washed Arabica coffees, and the strong taste of washed Robustas. The result? An intense cup of coffee, boasting a beau..
1.500KD 1.750KD
Brand: NOVELL Model: NVL004
Novell - coffee capsules - LeggerissimoA mix of 50% high-ground coffees, this hybrid choice offers a fantastic espresso cup. These semi-decaf coffee pods provide a soft and delicate taste with high acidity, making them the ideal accompaniment around the clock at work or at home. In its aroma, ..
1.500KD 1.750KD
Brand: NOVELL Model: NVL005
Novell - coffee capsules - Piu AromaThe Piu Aroma flavour of our Nespresso-compatible coffee pods is made using a blend of washed and natural Arabica coffee beans. This popular cup has a delicate body with slightly acidic and floral hints, and offers touches of toasted nuts and mango. It ..
1.500KD 1.750KD
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