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Caffeluxe - Single Serve Skimmed Milk - Dolce Gusto Capsules - 10pcs

Milk capsules specifically for preparing a cup of foamy coffee with soft layers

Fat free .

10 PODS per BOX = 10 DRINKS

100% Skimmed Milk

  • Made with 100% SKIMMED MILK, Caffeluxe Skimmed Milk makes the perfect low fat ‘skinny’ coffee, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button and tastes as good as fresh. 
  • Compatible* with Dolce Gusto® machines. 
  • Made from PURE milk, Caffeluxe Skimmed Milk has a creamy and natural taste with long-lasting texture.
  • FAT FREE – Perfect for health-conscious coffee lovers. There are no added colours, preservatives or Hydrogenated Fats.
  • Makes 3 delicious types of coffee shop style drinks including: 
  • CAPPUCCINO (Set your machine to 6 bar or use 200ml of water), LATTE (Set to 5 bar or use 170ml water) and WHITE AMERICANO (Set to 2 bar or use 50ml water).
  • Caffeluxe Skimmed Milk 
  • These capsules are compatible only with all known Dolce Gusto* machines
  • Delicious healthy 100% skimmed milk, nothing else, all in one capsule.
  • No sugar added. 14.5 grams of product per capsule

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