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Smartline Turkesh Coffee Machine - White

Smartline Turkesh Coffee Machine - White


Turkesh coffee maker delivers excellent performance. This Smartline Turkesh coffee machine sports a stunning white finish. Get ready to feel enervated with a hot cup of Java made in this Smartline JLR 050C Turkesh Coffee Machine. The tank capacity of 200ml allows you make two cups of mind blowing coffee with ease. The compact and cordless design of this coffee machine makes it easier for you to carry and use. It also has a built in overheating protection system to protect itself from damage.

Small in Size, Big in Flavor

The real quality of a coffee lies in its details. This Turkesh coffee machine blends thoughtful design and reliability for you to enjoy a rich and bold coffee within the comfort of your home. The straightforward and easy to use features makes this particular coffee maker the perfect appliance to complement to any modernized kitchen.

Distinct Features

The sleek and compact design of this Turkesh coffee machine helps in minimizing wasted space while maximizing your coffee experience. You can easily operate this entire coffee machine with a single control button.

Flexible and Practical

This Turkesh coffee maker gives you the real Turkish coffee taste. It is simple and stylish and provides you with a great coffee experience. With easy to access interface and ergonomic build, this Smartline Turkesh coffee machine makes the routine coffee making task a breeze.

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