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KOHI - PRESSOPUMP Automatic Cordless Espresso Maker

KOHI - PRESSOPUMP Automatic Cordless Espresso Maker

PRESSOPUMP: Cordless Automatic Espresso Maker

It is a low-hassle, handheld espresso machine that works: that's why we built PRESSOPUMP. 

Just add coffee, press the button, and PRESSOPUMP handles the rest.

- Meets commercial grade pressure requirements at 16 bar. This ensures a pressurized extraction that yields a crema.

- Built with food grade ABS.

- 90ml or 3.0oz water reservoir capacity.

- Yields 40-45 ml of espresso - depending on the grind.

- Employs a leak-proof design and boasts a durable gasket, ensuring long-lasting use.

- Detachable parts are easy to clean and maintain.

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