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Torrie - Columbia Coffee 50 g (10 Capsules)

Torrie Columbia Coffee 50 g (10 Capsules)

    ♦ Our Torrié experience range takes the discerning coffee lover on a journey of sensations, colors, and aromas. The daily ritual of enjoying good coffee brings to life a whole universe of experiences from all corners of the world where the different types of coffee were carefully chosen. The exuberance and elegance of a coffee grown in the high Andes.
    ♦ The exuberance and elegance of a coffee grown in the high Andes. 100 % Arabica premium coffee. Roasted ground coffee, with no added ingredients.
    ♦ Torrié, which is already known in other formats, is now available as a capsule compatible with Nespresso®* equipment. The best Portuguese flavor in a cup of coffee is now more accessible.

    ♦ This coffee, which is cultivated at altitudes of between 1,200 and 1,800 meters, comes to us from the interior, mountainous area near the Andean Cordillera. As mechanical harvesting is impossible, its production is time consuming and labor-intensive but the fineness of these coffees is well-known worldwide. The lava from the plentiful volcanoes imbues the soil with mineral salts. The coffees from this area bring with them the complex, intense aroma and exotic taste of the mountains.

Tasting Notes: 
    ♦ Light brown foam.
    ♦ Aromas of cocoa and caramel.
    ♦ Elegant coffee with a lot of body. It is sweet with moderate acidity and a lingering finish.
    ♦ 7 intensity
    ♦ Compatible with Nespresso®* equipment

♦ Brand: Torrie
♦ Weight: 50 g (10 Capsules)
♦ * Nespresso® is a brand registered by another firm

Made in Portugal

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