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Torrie - Cuba Espresso Coffee 50 g (10 Capsules)

Torrie Cuba Coffee 50 g (10 Capsules)

♦ The artisanal production of coffee plus the exotism of the Caribbean. 100 % Arabica premium coffee. 

♦ Torrié has launched a product range suited to modern lifestyles, in the belief that the enjoyment associated with the flavour of a good coffee can be integrated into a healthy diet.

♦ Torrié, which is already known in other formats, is now available as a capsule compatible with Nespresso®* equipment. The best Portuguese flavor in a cup of coffee is now more accessible.

♦ The Arabica coffee of Cuba is selectively picked by hand. The coffee beans are dried using the energy of the Caribbean sun. The result is a coffee that combines the tradition of an artisanal production method with the richness and boldness of the purest Arabicas of Cuba and the exotism of the Caribbean.

Tasting Notes: 

♦ A light brown cream that calls to mind the color of the hazelnut.

♦ Aroma of caramel and dark chocolate, with hints of nuts and spices.

♦ A velvety smooth and elegant coffee, with moderate acidity. The finish is intense and long lasting.

♦ 7 intensity

♦ Compatible with Nespresso®* equipment

♦ Brand: Torrie
♦ Weight: 50 g (10 Capsules)
♦ * Nespresso® is a brand registered by another firm
Made in Portugal

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