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Torrie Biologico Coffee 50 g (10 Capsules)

Torrie Biologico Coffee 50 g (10 Capsules)

♦ Espresso organic coffee capsules. Roasted ground coffee, with no added ingredients, produced from organically grown coffee.
♦ Torrié has launched a product range suited to modern lifestyles, in the belief that the enjoyment associated with the flavour of a good coffee can be integrated into a healthy diet.
♦  Torrié, which is already known in other formats, is now available as a capsule compatible with Nespresso®* equipment. The best Portuguese flavor in a cup of coffee is now more accessible.


♦ Torrié organic coffee is produced by an agricultural system that respects the natural life cycles of production, minimizing human impact on the environment. This is the best way to protect Nature and to ensure the authenticity, the flavor, the origins and the quality of coffee.

Tasting Notes: 

♦ Light brown and persistent foam.
♦ Aromas of caramel and dark chocolate, with floral notes.
♦ Elegant coffee with medium body and high acidity. Complex and lingering finish.
♦ The Torrié Biológico is certified by Codimaco.
♦ Compatible with Nespresso®* equipment


♦ Brand: Torrie
♦ Weight: 50 g (10 Capsules)
♦ * Nespresso® is a brand registered by another firm
Made in Portugal

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